Hair is, in many ways, like a second thumbprint; no two heads of hair are the same. If you have curly hair and you try talking to your straight-haired friend about your frizz problem then you might as well be on different planets.

Point is, your hair has unique needs that should be treated with uniquely-tailored products, not generic, factory-made shampoos. The difficulty lies in knowing which products are right for you. And while there is no better way of knowing than simply experimenting with the products, many people find that they naturally gravitate toward those that align with their zodiac element.

Similar to our five-element shampoos, our god/goddess elixir series is formulated around different elements–Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. To know which elements best suits you, take a look at the zodiac calendar:

Air is the most flighty of all the elements. Like wind rushing through a valley, the air element is unpredictable and always on the go; it is adventurous and seeks to fill every corner of the world. Air people are very advanced in their thinking, which leads others to claim that they are out of touch with reality, floating in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

Gemini Libra Aquarius Air Elixir

Fire people live with a spark in their heart. They can ignite at a moment’s notice but when managed properly can produce wondrous things. Fire is very emotional, but with that emotion comes passion and drive. Fire people also have a strong sense of self and will burn brightly for the enjoyment (or annoyance) of others.

Aries Lea Sagittarius Pure Lava Eixir

Water is cool, dark, and mysterious. Water is fluid and can intuitively adapt to the emotional climate of any situation. It is the essential component of all life, meaning it holds together all living things. Many find that they connect well with water people. They are empathetic and caring, which also means they are fragile and easily wounded.

Cancer Scorpio Pisces Poseidon Sea Elixir

Earth is the most tangible of all the elements. It is composed, solid, and stable. You can trust earth people to stick to their commitments and moral code. Earth people are resistant to change and often adhere to the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. They can, however, be very materialistic or possessive. Earth people are practical problem solvers, but they take things at surface value, often not understanding the complexity of a situation.

Taurus Virgo Capricorn GODDESS Earth Elixir

Finding your element (or elements) is the first step in the hair restoration process. For tips on how to get the most of your god/goddess elixir, check out Anthony’s video below: