*Note: This post was written in 2023 and may not be up to date with regard to dates. However, the information on the equinox is still correct. Please refer to the Lunar Chart for correct cutting dates and goals.

For those of you following our Lunar Hair Chart, you’ll know that we’re approaching a very special date. The Winter Solstice is a rare and powerful cutting date for thickening hair.

Key Elements: Earth & Chi

As explained by Anthony Morrocco, creator of the Lunar Hair Chart, the moon is a powerful force, both scientifically and spiritually, and there is no time better than this year’s Winter Solstice for those wanting thicker hair.

The elements Earth and Chi help optimize the thickening of hair by stimulating the hair bulb and activating the growth cycle. Our Thicken Package, which combines both these mutually-beneficial elements, is designed to work in tandem with the natural thickening dates of the moon cycle.

Earth Essence shampoo Floating lotus conditioner Sappire Volumizer

How Do I Prepare?

To make the most of this very special time, begin conditioning with our Floating Lotus Conditioner and Sapphire Volumizer Mist during the week prior to the Winter Solstice. You should also begin using Earth Essence Shampoo, which rejuvenates the scalp and prepares your hair for the cutting process.

The Solstice is Here!

On the dates of the solstice (Dec 18-19, 2023), cut your hair using the blunt snip method to promote the activation of new growth cycles in your bulb and hair follicles that thicken the follicle. We have for your convenience guides for cutting Fine Hair, Average Hair, Thick Hair, and Curly Hair.

Lunar Hair Chart: Why Some Dates Don't Match

Afterwards, continue to shampoo and condition regularly using the products found in our Thicken Package, as well as rotating our other shampoos, and be sure to schedule your next cutting date in accordance to the Lunar Hair Chart to ensure your hair stays thick and beautiful, naturally.

Here is a video explaining the lunar hair chart!