Did you know your hair responds to sunlight just like a plant? In the spring and summer, your hair flourishes, because sunlight triggers hair growth hormones. Autumn brings changes.
fall leaves
As the days grow shorter and colder, the roots of your hair go into dormancy and your hair begins to fall with the autumn leaves. For a period of 4-6 weeks, you might see hair shedding increase. Do not panic! It’s a natural shedding of the thinner summer hair in favor of your “winter coat.”

Along with using your Morrocco Method Shampoos and Conditioners, these tips will help you to avoid excess hair shedding this autumn.

1. Massage Your Scalp Daily

Protect your hair by practicing daily scalp massage to stimulate your sebaceous oil glands and increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Morrocco Method’s Scalp Massager is the perfect tool for this as it is 100% natural rubber that won’t irritate or accidentally scratch the scalp like fingernails and plastics. Here’s how to use it.

2. Deep Condition Weekly

Weekly deep conditioning is the key to ensure your scalp and hair remain healthy and moisturized in the colder months ahead. Deep conditioning weekly helps to prevent itching, irritation, and excess hair shedding throughout the changing season. MM offers several deep conditioning treatments to alternate between weekly. Rotate: Leaving in Morrocco Method’s Floating Lotus Conditioner or Pearl Essence Creme Rinse for 15 minutes, doing a Neutral (Colorless) Henna treatment, and a Euro Natural Oil overnight leave-in.

3. Lunar Cut Monthly

Trim your hair using Morrocco Method’s Lunar Hair Chart for hair cutting. Trimming the ends of your hair removes damaged, split ends and helps to invigorate the hair and scalp–shocking the entire growth system. Cutting monthly, in conjunction with your Lunar Goal, (Lengthen, Strengthen, Thicken, Root Work, Beautify) will help to remove damaged ends that cause tangling, breakage, and weak hair.

Keep calm and use morrocco method

4. Eat Well Always

It’s the harvest season, so take advantage of the bounty of nature! Eat foods for healthy hair growth, which will lessen hair shedding. Some superfoods in season this autumn: apples, brussels sprouts, parsnips, pears, rutabagas, cauliflower, squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, turnips, pomegranates, dates, kiwi, and most citruses.

5. Don’t Stress Often

Stress can cause increased hair shedding, which will make you stress out even more! But do not worry—take a deep breath, do calming exercises, indulge in aromatherapy, have a good laugh, some herbal tea, and give a loved one a hug.