Deep conditioning is an important part of any hair care routine. A lot of people worry about their ends drying out but what about the foundation of your hair, the roots? Deep conditioning is key because it affects the two most important aspects of your hair, the roots and the ends. MM has a variety of products with conditioning effects but here are 5 amazing products for deep conditioning:

1.Neutral (Colorless) Henna Long Lasting Deep Conditioning

While all of Morrocco Method’s hennas contain a conditioning element for anyone looking to deep condition their hair, neutral henna is the perfect tool for that same deep condition without adding color! It also enhances the natural shine and beauty of your hair, naturally elongates curls, and is long lasting (you can go 8-12 weeks before you need to reapply).

2. Euro Natural Oil Overnight Treatment

Our Euro Oil is a great overnight deep conditioning treatment; simply massage the Euro Oil over your entire scalp, brush (preferably with an all natural boar bristle brush) to spread it all the way down to the ends of your hair, and leave on overnight (we recommend using a hair cap or a protective towel to cover you pillow).  Use caution if you dye your hair with henna, however!  Oils can sometimes cause color to fade, especially with hennas that include indigo.

3. Floating Lotus Conditioner Quick Deep Condition

While this is a traditional wash out conditioner, you can also use it to really get a deep conditioning effect. Simply put the Floating Lotus Conditioner on your head and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it out to allow your scalp to soak up all the nourishing botanical, herbs, and marine proteins.

4. Pearl Essence Cream Rinse Great for Ends

The Pearl Essence Cream Rinse is also typically used as a wash-out conditioner but can be used as a hydrating masque. A lot of our customers find that this rinse is especially great for deep conditioning the ends of their hair, so if you're looking to give your ends a treat the Pearl Essence Cream Rinse is perfect for that!

5. Curl Power Perfect for Curls

You might not think of a styling product as a deep conditioner but one of the great things about Curl Power is that it is actually both! While Curl Power is enhancing your amazing curls it’s also giving them the nourishing moisture that naturally curly hair needs to stay healthy and strong.