Brazilian Blowout: brilliant or bad news?

There’s been a lot of buzz this past year or so about the supposedly perfect relaxing and straightening treatment: The Brazilian Blowout. The treatment promises shiny, straight hair for days or even weeks on end but at what cost?

Formaldehyde, which you may remember as the highly toxic chemical used to preserve dead bugs in your middle school science class, is a major ingredient of these blowout products… even when the label claims otherwise. The FDA has warned the Brazilian Blowout hair care company that its hair straightening products contain “dangerously high levels” of formaldehyde.

Why risk burning eyes, breathing difficulty, nosebleeds or even a compromised immune system down the road when there is a safe, sensually enjoyable way to the silky, manageable hair you’ve always wanted? Why expose yourself to the risks of harsh processes like these that could severely damage your organs and function?

Morrocco Method leads the world of natural, health-giving hair care, with delightful products containing ingredients so pure you could actually eat them! The answer to your problems: Curl Power! This product is gentle and mild, it offers an all-natural way to control frizzy, kinky, unruly hair. OR if you want silky smooth curls with soft definition: this is your product!

So the next time you and your friends are discussing the blowout, remind them what they are really risking.