"Before I applied the henna, I watched every video from the MM website twice on applying henna and read everything thoroughly to make sure I did it correctly. I did not want to mess up or make a mistake. Their website offers a lot of helpful tips and instructions on henna. I suggest reading every single one of them and watching the videos because it has definitely helped me. 

My eyebrows are naturally jet-black, so my hair color matches my eyebrow color better now. Because henna coats the hair, my hair also feels a lot thicker than before and I love it! Some of my friends commented how my hair looks thicker and shinier. I had a few grey roots, which made my hair appear thinner almost bald. The henna has helped tremendously in covering up my grays as you can see in the pictures."

Black Henna Before and After Step 1 
Black Henna Before and After Step 2


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