"Hair health starts at the scalp. If you have residue buildup, dead skin cells, or other adverse scalp conditions, this can prevent or slow down hair growth. You need to have healthy roots in order to maximize healthy hair. Thus it is important to perform regular scalp detox treatment to optimize the health of your scalp and hair.

Whether you moved to a new area and the water is hard or soft, detoxing your scalp will really help with the adjustment. When I moved to a new state, our new house had hard water compared to soft water at our previous house, my hair started becoming dull, dry, and I was often left with a filmy residue no matter how often I washed my hair. I thought clarifying shampoos would help but honestly the only thing that helped me was a detox treatment.

Detox treatments are also extremely beneficial when switching from conventional or sulfate containing haircare to natural/organic haircare. Detox treatments will help speed up the transition process."

Scalp Detox with Sophia

"When applying the zen detox, I like to start off with mixing equal parts water with the zen detox in a glass bowl with my wooden spoon. Since I’ve been using this for a while, I like to leave it on for about an hour. Any extra I have, I use it on my face as a mask treatment." 

Scalp Detox with Sophia


Check out Sophia's blog at The Good Life to see her full post.

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