TAMIR recently began her Morrocco Method Lunar Journey. Her favorite product so far is our Mixed Pure Boar Bristle and Nylon Brush.

After spending most of her life having super long hair that extended past her waist, she noticed that it was becoming shorter even without cutting it. After talking with her doctor and hair stylist, she still had no answers until she found out about split ends. Her hair was breaking from the bottom up, causing it to become shorter and shorter, and her ends were extremely dry.

Initially, TAMIR was scared to brush her hair, worried that more would break/fall out, but she noticed the opposite! The more she brushed, the less hair was in the brush, and her hair ends are no longer as dry.

Taking the full body-mind-spirit approach, TAMIR uses a mantra as she brushes her hair following the lunar goals: "I love and approve my well-rooted, strong, thick, long, beautiful hair."

We love her positive approach to hair health, and urge anyone who is struggling with something that they are trying to improve to speak words of encouragement over themselves. Envision the result you want. A positive mindset goes a long way!


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