TAMIR Talks Blood of the Dragon

One of the products that TAMIR has been using that she's grown very fond of is Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel for shaping and body. She also gives an update on how her brushing routine has improved her hair. ↗️ Read More!

TAMIR's Thickening Goal

TAMIR's goal is to thicken her hair. She selects the dates on the lunar calendar and uses the corresponding products that support her lunar hair goal. ↗️ Read More!

How to Naturally Protect Your Skin with TAMIR

TAMIR talks about how she uses Morrocco Method products to naturally protect her skin against the air quality issues caused by the migrating smoke from wildfires. ↗️ Read More!

TAMIR's Brushing Mantra

TAMIR was scared to brush her hair, worried that more would break/fall out, but she noticed the opposite! She uses a mantra as she brushes her hair following the lunar goals: "I love and approve my well-rooted, strong, thick, long, beautiful hair." ↗️ Read More!