Gorgeously Green Cover

I began my journey with MM in March of 2012. I was just 31 and had been coloring my hair for 10 years. Not just highlights- full on “double process.” My hair was fried at the ends so I used commercial products that were not cheap! These products were full of parabens and plastics. In February of last year my husband’s mother died of cancer and that was a wake up call for me. We live a very natural life with clean eating and natural fibers, but I had yet to change over my beloved hair products! However, after I purchased “Gorgeously Green,” the book which recommends MM henna, I ordered the MM starter kit and some marigold blonde henna.

At first my hair reacted strangely. It became like “rubber” after using the shampoo. It was limp, fine, and frizzy at the ends. When I used the henna my hair was like straw. Fortunately I had read about other MM customers and their detox process. My hair did not look too bad, for the most part. It just felt odd. It was oily at the scalp and dry at the ends. It was frizzy and “matte” when I blow dried it- so I just let it go curly most of the time.

For the first three months I actually left a quarter size amount of the cream rinse in my hair- that’s how thirsty my hair was!!! (For perspective, I currently use a fingertip). I did not give up. As a natural redhead I am persistent. I used a henna treatment every week and also used the Zen Detox every week. Even though my hair was not “perfect” my body knew i was doing something good for it, so I continued because I simply felt better. After three months my hair showed marked improvement.

There was a significant difference between the roots and the ends of my

Candis henna hair

hair. The roots were so shiny and healthy! As time went on, with every henna treatment, even the ends of my hair got shiny and strong. I was trimming about 1/2 inch monthly because my hair was growing faster, but was brittle at the ends. Sometime during the summer I decided to try the MM red with mixed with amla. The red henna really made a change. I would say that by July everyone was complimenting my hair and I keep getting more and more compliments! In the fall I decided to go Auburn with MM light brown. This color really showed the shine of my hair. The funny part is that every time I think I am done detoxing, I will use a MM product on my hair and I realize that the products are still strengthening my hair.

Lastly, I did have one spot of alopecia that I thought was a scar. I have, as long as I lived, never been able to grow hair there. I showed my mother last week that the spot had shrunk from a round dime size to more of a squiggly s shape. That is not just detox- that is the body healing itself with the support of the right products!

candi with baby

Now, I know this my detox process is not over. I still have about six inches of “old hair” and six inches of shiny MM hair. Since I made my commitment not one other shampoo, conditioner, or product has touched my hair but MM’s.

The best advice that I have to give is, don’t give up! Don’t pollute your body with toxins. Use MM products because they work! The detox phase is worth the end result.


Candi Eisberg