Tiffany walks us through her dark brown henna touch-up. Tiffany is only using the henna on her roots in order to blend in her new growth and cover any gray hairs. We asked her what began her henna journey and how it has changed for her over the years.


I love henna! Several years ago I wanted to change how I colored my hair so it would be less damaging to my hair, and my health. Salon dye started giving me rashes when I would use them.

As I did my research I found henna. I started with a brand that had henna and indigo preblended, but the color would fade and I was not seeing the strengthening benefits I had read about.

The more I researched I was finding that not only did I need to find a henna brand that was pure henna, I also needed to find one that didn't have the colors blended since henna and indigo have different dye release requirements.

At this point I had found a book of different henna recipes and they listed sources for quality henna. Morrocco Method was one of the companies listed. Morrocco Method was already on my radar from the old Long Hair Forums and I love what the company stands for.

Originally I bought the Black henna kit since it had equal amounts of henna and indigo, and I was wanting to try out different blends to see what I preferred. My favorite mix ended up being the same as the ratio in the Dark Brown kit. Now I use the Dark Brown henna kit so I don't have to measure out the herbs myself. I like to add 20gms of Amla just to keep my brown cool toned.

I did use the medium brown when I toyed with the idea of going back towards my natural color, but I missed the dark chocolate color I get from the Dark Brown.

I like to rotate between root touch-ups and a full head application. I find that alternating means I don't overload my hair with the strengthening benefits.

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