Tiffany's Six Month Update

Tiffany has been using Morrocco Method products steadily for 6 months. "Detox was rough, but here I am six months later and I haven't really had a bad hair day since." ↗️ Read More!

Dark Brown Henna Touch Up with Tiffany

Tiffany walks us through her dark brown henna touch-up. ↗️ Read More!

Bringing Her Curls Out

In October, Tiffany decided to change some things up in her refresh routine to really bring out the curls in her hair in between wash days. She says it "took my hair from kind of limp and wavy to getting my curls back." ↗️ Read More!

Tiffany's Root Work

Tiffany shares the different steps of her Root Work routine from pre-wash oil treatments, which shampoos she's using, and how she changes up her style without damaging heat! ↗️ Read More!

50 Days In

Almost two months in to her full Morrocco Method Lunar Journey, Tiffany feels that she's out of detox. She says overall she's happy with the results and that her hair is "super soft and silky". ↗️ Read More!