We all know of Vitamin E to be beneficial to our health, but where does it come from? There a few plants and foods that Vitamin E can be derived from. Here at Morrocco Method, we derive our Vitamin E from Rice Bran.

But wait, I thought Rice Bran was used for cooking?

two woman from asia
Rice Bran (extracted from the hull of rice) is commonly used for cooking because it is a healthy alternative to fatty, chemically processed oils made in a lab. However, it ALSO has benefits for you health, hair and skin! Rice Bran Oil is a well kept secret in Asia (Japan specifically). Many women in Japan have been known to apply Rice Bran Oil to their skin and are therefore known as “Rice Bran Beauties.” In general health, Rice Bran Oil can be used for treating things such as high cholesterol, diabetes, AIDS, strengthening the immune system and can also be used to help prevent heart disease and colon cancer. In today’s society, it has become very popular for use as a soap base.

Benefits for Skin…

Rice Bran Oil has been known to have many benefits for skin. Here are just a few:

1. The Vitamin E in Rice Bran (that MM uses) has the ability to deeply penetrate your skin and nourish it from within. This leaves your skin feeling healthy and soft.

2. Rice Bran Oil has anti inflammatory attributes, giving it the ability to soothe and calm irritated skin, reduce and help with Eczema and heal sun/wind/cold image of beautiful female legs, smooth skin after depilationdamaged skin.
soft smooth skin

3. It does not clog pores when used on skin which can be very useful in skin’s overall natural regeneration process.

4. Antioxidants and Vitamin E found in Rice Bran Oil nourishes your skin cells, which slows down the aging process. (Who doesn’t love that??)

Benefits on Hair….

5. Just like it helps skin, it can also help protect your hair from sun/wind/cold damages!

6. Rice Bran Oil helps to normalize the oiliness of your scalp.

7. Helps to strengthen your roots.

8. Rice Bran oil massaged into the hair can help tackle dandruff.

All of these benefits to hair, it’s no wonder we chose Rice Bran Oil to get our Vitamin E from!