Woman Rinsing Face
Morrocco Method products may be fantastic for your hair, but they are also great for your skin. The natural and nourishing ingredients are safe and gentle for all complexions and skin types. You may be surprised to find out, that you can actually give yourself a complete facial using only Morrocco Method products.

So go ahead and light some candles, put on some relaxing music, and follow these steps:


Cleanse your skin with any of the 5 MM shampoos. Cleansing removes surface makeup, dirt, and dead skin, helping to refine your complexion and purify the pores.


Exfoliate with the Feng Shea facial scrub. Massage gently and be careful around your eyes.


Woman wearing beige sun hat
Mix up a Zen Detox face mask in a wooden, clay, or plastic bowl, with a non-metal utensil. You can add water or an herbal tea like chamomile or rose hips. Apply evenly to your entire face, except the eyes and lips. Leave it on 15-30 minutes, then rinse completely.


Tone your skin with one of the Morrocco Method mists such as the Diamond Crystal Mist Mist. Simply spritz all over you face.


Moisturize with a few drops of Euro Oil, or you can even try using a MM Elixir of your choice. Again, massage gently with upwards and outwards strokes, to avoid pulling and stretching your delicate skin.

Now you can look in the mirror at your beautiful Morrocco Method glow!