Today we feature one of our fearless affiliates and highlight just what makes Katie of Wellness Mama so darn awesome. Be sure to check out her blog after for all kinds of wellness tips.

Wellness mama

How did you become the Wellness Mama?

I became “the Wellness Mama” somewhat by accident. I had been meeting with clients one on one for nutrition consulting, but when I had kids, this got a lot tougher so I stopped taking new clients. I still got questions about recipes or nutrition, so I started posting these online for clients to have as reference. Wellness Mama was a name that embodied both my own outlook and the persona of a lot of my clients (moms seeking health for their families) and the domain was available, so “Wellness Mama” it was.

What makes you passionate about spreading the message of wellness?

Statistically, my children’s generation will be the first to not outlive their parents and this is a statistic I’m not ok with. I think we’ve reached a dangerous point in our world and that if we don’t make changes it will have irreversible results. I’ve also found from personal experience that it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle (even on a tight budget) but that it is a lot of work starting off so I’m sharing what I learned along the way in hopes of making it easier for other moms.

What is your biggest wellness tip?

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good! Too often, I see people fall of the wagon of a healthy lifestyle because they don’t have the time or money to do it all perfectly. It’s like stopping a diet because you had a bite of cake or waiting to start until Monday. Even if we can’t always afford the perfect supplements or organic food, it is better to make small changes as we can and build up to bigger ones. Secondary to this is to plan everything. The only way I get everything done is to structure my day carefully and plan meals, work time, school time, cleaning time, even relaxing time. This way the mental stress of the other activities is eliminated and I can focus on the task I’m working on.

MM Earth Essence Shampoo

If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 things would you bring and why?

If we are talking about any items, I would take a knife, a reliable fire starter of some kind and a water filter (unless a survival pack could count as one item). If we are talking about foods, I’d assume coconuts would already be there and bring a cow, some chickens and sauerkraut…

What is your favorite Morrocco Method product for your hair type?

My hair is fine/silky but I have a lot of it. I like the Earth Essence Shampoo (mainly because I love the smell) but all of the shampoos are great.