We have a winner for our Detox Story Contest! Lizzie Garn shares her amazing healthy hair story with MM. Congratulations Lizzie, and thank you for sharing such a positive and uplifting story.

Your hair products have changed my life!

About a year ago I bleached my hair, never trimmed it and then attempted to color it back to normal. I’m only 2 months into having been using your awesome products and advice and my hair is the most soft, happy and manageable it has ever been!

I’ve been (attempting..) to do the blunt snip hair cutting technique and I think I’ve been doing pretty good at it. My hair is healing so fast! I brush it nearly everyday with the boar bristle brush and it is so wonderful! My hair looks clean for days. It is so amazing at keeping it lovely. I use your Sea Essence shampoo and Euro oil, my split ends are nearly all gone and I used to have a really dry scalp! But no more! It’s all healed up. My hair has been growing faster too.

Lizzie standing outside
I’ve completely switched over to the purest water. I use only spring water that I harvest myself(It is all I drink too). I use the Euro oil on my face, and it used to be dry before but now my skin is always healthy, clear and glowing.

I use organic cold pressed coconut oil on the rest of my body and I wash myself with organic raw apple cider vinegar now. I also use the coconut oil to brush my teeth too, and I even harvest herbs out in the forest to infuse into the spring water.

I’m on an all raw organic fruit and veggie diet (as local as I can get it) and I just feel sooo amazing! I feel like playing and running around now. I have so much energy, and I just feel so much love! I always feel creative and everything that I’ve been creating has been so full of love and magic! I’ve experienced an all around detox, not just with my hair but with everything! My eye’s are white and clear now, my finger and toe nails are perfect and I always smell good! Always! There’s hardly anything yucky in me anymore, I feel!

I perceive existence as so crazy and amazing.

I used to look up at the stars and feel tiny and insignificant. I feel it was because my body was so full of chemicals, I was cut off from feeling my true connection with all. Now when I look up at the stars, I feel tiny, but I also feel them effecting me and me effecting them. I feel the connection now.

I love my hair so much! I read the ebook, “Grow Luxurious Hair with Morrocco Method Magic,” and it was indeed so magical! It makes so much sense to me now. The hair is all about the crown chakra. I feel my chi so flowing now. I feel so at peace and connected with all. You’ve effected every aspect of my life, mental, physical and spiritual.

I am eternally grateful.

Thank you so much for sharing your creations. You are sooo loved. You are
Lizzies hair close up
so amazing in every way and have created so much happiness within and around me. I tell all my friends about what you all do, and they fall in love. They all feel what you all do is magical and so beautiful.

You’ve assisted in healing me in so many ways.

Thank you. Thank you Anthony and all who help make this project happen. You are all beautiful and I love you!

-Lizzie Garn

Sedona, AZ