Rosie the Dog
Woof. I’m Rosie, the Morrocco Method dog and mascot. I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my work here.

Let’s start with my interview and hiring date. Well, pretty much abandoned, I needed a place to go and feel safe for a while, so I wandered around the industrial park, sniffing the grass, checking out the trees, playing with sticks, and—oh, but I digress.

Eventually I saw some sweet-looking humans going up the stairs and into the door of this pretty building with palm trees. Hmm, I thought. I wonder if they need help. I’m only one year old, so I don’t have a lot of experience, but they did seem to need help. So I kind of casually strayed up the steep staircase. I sat down prettily at the door and stared inside, waiting for someone to let me in.

At first no one saw me or paid attention, so I turned on my stray, lost look, my big brown eyes looking like sad saucers. (I tried to look starved too, but that didn’t work because I was too pudgy.) A guy came out to the lobby and saw me, but didn’t have the brains to see I was here for an interview. Shortly a pretty woman came, saw me and let me in to the lobby to wait for my interview.

The beautiful lobby had a plush carpet, so I decided to nap until they called me inside for my interview. I felt very safe and happy here. My interviewer then entered the lobby, petted me and told me how adorable and sweet I was. I rolled over on my back so she would know I was pleased.

Then the CEO and founder came through the front door, Anthony Morrocco. “Angelique—your client is here!” he shouted, and gave me over to her care and that of the pretty woman who let me in. Wow, I thought, I guessed I passed my interview!”

At first they were all fascinated with my neck—no collar, no tags, no ID. They didn’t know that I had been left here by my family, I guess to find a job. Apparently my colleagues looked around the neighborhood and social media (I guess that’s when people have social contact over hyperspace instead of face-to-face; boy, are humans missing out! I certainly have something to teach them!) to no avail. A few days later, they brought me to a vet, and no chip either. I could have told them that.

So what is my job here at Morrocco Method? The whole company takes care of me—takes me for walks, feeds me, plays with me, and keeps me company. In return I do a lot of different things: I advise them on foods I prefer so now they bring me raw meats, fresh butcher bones and other wonderful foods like eggs from the Farmer’s Market. Secondly, I help exercise the employees by letting them play ball with me in the warehouse. They realize here that playing ball is a necessary daily activity. Sometimes I show them my special yoga poses to imitate. Third, I keep the place clean. If someone accidentally drops a label, I eat it so it doesn’t muss up the floor. Finally, I’m the best guard dog they have. I bark once whenever I perceive a stranger at the back door, like one of those pesky mailmen.

For my services, all my colleagues at Morrocco Method are so friendly, generous and kind to me! They even have a wonderful, natural dog shampoo they let me use.

Maybe some of you who are reading this will follow the employees of Morrocco Method and adopt one like me!