What’s on your camping packing list? More likely than not you have the tent, the sleeping bag, the grub and the spot, but what about washing? Looking great when you’re roughing it isn’t always a top priority, but with Morrocco Method Shampoos you’ll know you can have the best of both worlds.

Campsite along river

My Recent Camping Trip Experience

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go camping with a couple friends, and I was sure to bring along my MM shampoo.

One morning, when the others were gathering for coffee, I took my towel and my MM down to the river to bathe. As I dipped down into the water I could see my friends running from the campsite. They were yelling for me to stop — that I couldn’t wash my hair in the river because I would pollute it. Little did they know I was using Morrocco Method’s pure and chemical free shampoos.

I simply laughed, threw them the bottle, and replied, “Read the ingredient list. This isn’t your everyday shampoo.”

My friends were shocked to see the purity of MM shampoos and by the end of the trip I had them all washing their hair in the lake. I loved being surrounded by nature, swimming off into the river and knowing that i’m being eco-friendly and looking fabulous doing it! The next time I prepare my camping packing list I know I’ll be including Morrocco Method Shampoos, and my friends will be too! Who said camping had to be without natural luxury?

Curious about MM Shampoos and their ingredients? Check out the FULL ingredient list for all 5 shampoos and make sure to make them part of your next camping packing list.