Since the late 1980’s companies have been using “greenwashing” to fool consumers into believing the company is more “natural” than they really are. The Merrian-Webster dictionary defines greenwashing as:

expressions of environmentalist concerns, especially as a cover for products, policies, or activities

In fact, Greenpeace has an entire website dedicated to greenwashing and different companies who use this technique to fool consumers. As they explain on their site, “green is the new black” and has become an important buzzword for many companies—whether they practice green business or not.
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These days it is becoming more and more difficult to determine just how “green” and “natural” a company really is so we have come up with a couple tips to help you make sure you’re getting the truth behind your products.

1. Look at the WHOLE Company

Once you find a product or company you think might be the real deal, take a deeper look into their company as a whole.

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Visit the website, read any educational materials and try to locate any “company standards.” Are the claims made through their product (or advertisement) substantiated somewhere in their public information? If not, beware. You will find that all of Morrocco Method’s company standards subscribe to being environmentally conscious as well as chemical free and plant-based.

2. Read Your Ingredient Lists

Once you have found a product you think is “green” take a deeper look into their ingredients. Not only are chemicals damaging for your body, but they also harm the environment. Do they mention how their products are made and processed? Do they list ALL the ingredients on the website? You will find Morrocco Method Ingredient Lists are complete with all ingredient information.

3. What Are Others Saying

Google the company and words like “environment” and “ingredients” to find any information from 3rd parties about the company. The Environmental Working Group’s SkinDeep Database is a great resource to start. Usually if a company isn’t listed on this website, they have chosen not to have their ingredients and company inspected.

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As a consumer, money is a powerful tool—the companies that receive our money should also be those you can stand behind. Morrocco Method will always continue to offer the finest in environmentally conscious and chemical free products. To learn more about greenwashing and to do your part in stopping businesses from pretending to green, visit Greenpeace’s