Gluten can be found in a lot of skin and hair care products. While it’s not 100% necessary for people with Celiac Disease to use gluten free shampoo
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some people find that using shampoos gluten irritates their scalp or skin.

For example a case study presented to the American College of Gastroenteroloy last year suggests that gluten free products is the way to go. A 28 year old women who had successfully managed her celiac disease through diet, found her that when she used a new body lotion she had issues. She developed an itchy, blistering rash on her arms, along with stomach bloating and diarrhea. When she stopped using the lotion her symptoms went away.

So should people use gluten-free shampoos?

We believe yes! Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Here at Morrocco Method we believe what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. So if you don’t put gluten in your body why would you put gluten on your body?

While all of Morrocco Method’s products are gluten-free you might have other products with hidden gluten in them. Here is a list of common gluten items in products:

Common Ingredients In Shampoos with Gluten

• Triticum vulgare (wheat)
• Hordeum vulgare (barley)
• Secale cereale (rye)
• Avena sativa (oats)
• Wheat germ oil
• Hydrolyzed wheat protein
• Stearyl dimonium hydroxypropy (hydrolyzed wheat protein)
• Laurdimonium hydroxypropyl (hydrolyzed wheat protein)
• Colloidal oatmeal
• Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (may contain wheat)
• Dextrin palmitate (starch, possibly gluten-based)
• Vitamin E (frequently derived from wheat)
• Malt extract (usually barley)
• Beta glucan (frequently derived from wheat)
• Vegetable protein (may contain wheat, barley, rye and/or oats)

National Celiac Disease Month

Also don’t forget to honor National Celiac Disease Month. Help spread awareness and visit sites like Celiac Central for more information about managing Celiac and recognizing symptoms.

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