Why Compostable?

In a beauty industry rife with buzz words and marketing terms intended to get you to bite, it’s important to decipher what these actual terms mean. The term greenwashing applies here; which refers to making people believe that your company is doing more to protect the environment than they actually are.

Because of this minutia, the team here at Morrocco Method prioritizes educating our customers, fans, and product users so that you know exactly what to expect. Moving towards options that reduce waste and are more friendly to the environment is a focus of ours. With that in mind, we have been thrilled with the release in 2020 of our new Shampoo & Conditioner bars, which come in 100% compostable packaging.
Garden shovel in soil

If you’re new to compostable materials, here’s what you need to know. Compostable materials are able to break down and be repurposed to grow more resources. This most common way to utilize compostable materials, like the packaging of our bars, is to add them to a compost pile that contains other food scraps. Real food naturally decomposes over time. After the decomposition, compost can be used to enrich soil and help grow things like vegetables, greens and even improve the health of your houseplants.

Being able to create & release two products that feature this packaging is a step towards reducing waste, both for us as a company and you as a consumer. We encourage you to start experimenting with growing some of your own food at home; it’s a beautiful practice that will put you back in touch with your food source. Then, when you unwrap your Shampoo & Conditioner bars, you can toss the packaging into your compost pile that will eventually fuel that food.
Morrocco Method Shampoo Bar

Our Shampoo Bar

This unique formulation that makes up our Shampoo Bar is one that clarifies and nourishes, simultaneously. It has a natural sudsing effect and helps lift build-up from the scalp while helping to bring balance back to your hair. To better understand how our Shampoo Bar performs, it’s helpful to consider some of the basic science behind the soap making process.

To create a bar like our Shampoo Bar, you need sodium hydroxide and a fat source. This is the cause for all true soap, even 100% natural, chemical-free bars like ours. These two ingredients are important because they are required for the process of saponification to happen. Saponification is the chemical event that happens when the triglyceride units in fat react with the sodium hydroxide. Through this process, the two components become soap!

Hopefully, this provides insight into why and how our Shampoo Bar is able to provide a good lather while still containing dense fatty components like shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.
Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar

Our Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar

With nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E, and coconut oil, our Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar restores and hydrates even the most unruly hair. This bar provides slip & unmatched detangling power, leaving hair easy to comb and brush out after your wash day.

This bar offers a mild, uplifting, natural citrus scent that is sure to wake up your shower routine. The orange peel extract and orange blossom essential oil ingredients create this aromatherapy experience while also purifying your strands.

An added perf of this powerful bar is that it performs exceptionally well as a shaving bar. The glide that our unique formula provides minimizes the friction of your razor, reducing or eliminating razor burn and ingrown hairs. In addition, this dense compilation of ingredients in our bar reduces the need for lotion or shaving cream afterwards.
Morrocco Method Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Incorporating the Shampoo + Conditioner Bars

If you currently use our 5 Elements Liquid Shampoo collection, you can simply add our Shampoo bar into your rotation to get the benefits of a few formula that performs differently. It’s a great change of pace and also offers up a more toteable option for when you are traveling.

Our Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar acts as an additional tool in your conditioning arsenal. Many of our customers that struggle with dry, unruly hair have found success using this bar as a final conditioning layer after shampooing and conditioning (with our Pearl Essence Creme Conditioner or Floating Lotus Conditioner).

New to our products? Our Shampoo + Conditioner bar set is an excellent place to start. Since our Shampoo Bar provides a natural foaming effect and the Conditioner Bar detangles effortlessly; the adjustment period to these products is virtually nonexistent.

What has your experience been like with our new bars? Share it with us in the comments! We look forward to hearing about your experience.

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Author: Jesica Williams
Website: http://www.feelmoregooder.com