I just got back from the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, the largest natural and products expo in the world! Almost the entire Morrocco Method team was there – Paula from customer service, Suzan our web designer, hair shaman Linda with her assistant Brandi, MM Vice President Sylvia and, of course, me. There were over 50,000 people attending from all over the world for 3 days of seminars, sampling new and delicious foods, the latest in hair & body care, supplements, wellness industry trends — all part of a continuing growing market.

Imagine 1,000 booths of smiling people handing out sample after sample of my favorite foods – kalamata olives, veggie burgers, gluten-free cereals, wine, and fabulous desserts (all healthy of course). It was MAGNIFICENT! There were many hair care booths as well and after checking them out, we are still totally confident that Morrocco Method is by far the best 100% Natural, Raw, Vegan, Wild-crafted Pure Hair Care on the market!!!

I always rent from WWW.VRBO.COM when I travel out of town – it’s the only way to go – and stayed at a fabulous little house about a block away from Disneyland, so we got to enjoy the colorful fireworks from a distance every night!

We had a great time, ate at our favorite Asian restaurant in Irvine — and came back with many new ideas for Morrocco Method. Check back into our blog later this week or early next to hear more about our new ideas. We are all very excited about them and can’t wait to share. We’d love to get your input! After walking what seemed like 10,000 miles, I soaked my tired feet, then got ready for the drive back home. Can’t wait till next year!

Below are a few pictures from one of our dinners at the Expo.

The woman on the right is Linda Deslauriers,Master Hair Shaman/LunarHairCutter. To her left is Brandi, her assistant and apprentice representing New York City…. and lastly, myself in the middle:
anthony out to dinner with linda and brandi

Linda is on our website, https://morroccomethod.com/hair-dresser-locator , and can be contacted to set up appointments!

This is a photo of Brandi and myself again, with Paula, whose name you may recognize because she is our Customer Service Representative at Morrocco Method.
Anthony Linda and Paula out to dinner

Overall, the Natural Wellness Convention was really magnificent and I highly suggest supporting your local Mom and Pop Health Food Stores and ignoring Corporate big-box stores! Don’t forget to check back into our blog later this week to read about what new projects we are starting at MM headquarters!

Anthony Morrocco