We missed you so much this weekend, but we were busy having a blast at the Raw Living Expo. Here’s a quick look at our travels. This was a wonderful surprise! Dan the Life Regenerator McDonald stopped by our booth to chat about how much he loves MM products and how much his hairline has regrown. FullyRaw Kristina was also there to try out a few MM products.
Anothony Morrocco with Dan the Life Regenerator
Fully Raw Kristina  with Anthony Morrocco at Expo
From the food to the dancing, everything about the Expo was stupendous. We had the fortune of sitting through a five-course raw dinner prepared by the chefs of The Living Light Culinary Institute. Yum!
A delicious raw dessert
Anthony giving a Chi Gong class
More photos to come! Be sure to check back later this week for our complete gallery.