When it comes to self care it is easy to say, “I just don’t have time for that.” But what if self care was the thread that held your whole life together? If it was what allowed you to lead a more fulfilling life and was the key principle to restoration and rejuvenation – would you make time?

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and love in the air, it is a perfect opportunity to remember that this holiday is more than just a time to celebrate our loved ones – it is also a moment to celebrate yourself.

When we make time to nurture, honor and value ourselves, we regain the ability to show up fully in our lives. This allows us to be able to give more to others and be more present in our day to day.

Our self care article provides instructions on how to love yourself today and every day of the year. Self care encompasses all the wonderful ways you can celebrate yourself, from the spa-like rituals that we are familiar with to quiet moments we set aside, which are meant to nourish our souls and help us remember who we really are.

Through these techniques we learn that to love ourselves we must incorporate meditation, nature, and breath awareness. Each external treatment experience should be met with reverence and respect for the deep soul that you are.

Ready to feel pampered? Let’s check out ways we can love ourselves today.
Red Heart Carved in Tree Trunk

The First Step – Creating a Relaxing Environment.

Start by lighting candles, playing relaxing music and using an essential oil diffuser in your home.

Take time to breathe them in and feel their presence. Plant essential oils are like nature’s little messengers. They help elevate our mood, relax our nerves, upgrade our immune system, open the heart and ground us in the present, creating a meditative experience.

If you don’t have a diffuser, you can choose to infuse essential oils into a bath instead.

The ingredients below make for a restorative bath with aromatherapy built right in.

To begin:

  • Run a warm bath
  • Add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice
  • Add 2 cups of magnesium flakes
  • Add 1/2 cup of baking soda
Soak for 30 minutes to get the full benefit of this bath. The baking soda will alkalize your body and give your cells the magnesium they require to catalyze over 300 enzymatic processes.

Why is this important?

The stress of living in the modern world causes our bodies to lose magnesium rapidly, reducing our ability to act effectively and work at our maximum potential. We can all benefit from magnesium which restores balance and calms our nervous system to soothe our soul.

But what if there is no bath for you to soak in?

How to Pamper Yourself Even More- A Mineral Mud Hair Mask.

With winter in full swing, it can leave hair dry with cold and windy weather in many parts of the world.

Our Mineral Mud Hair Mask is a great addition to your relaxation routine. If you don’t have a bath tub to soak in, this is a perfect alternative. Our Hair Mask was created to provide nourishment and protection to your hair. Sunflower seed oil fights frizz while apricot kernel oil creates a barrier of hydration. If you’re under pressure, relax – we have your hair fully covered!

Before you end your bath or shower- use with a Morrocco Method shampoo and wash your hair well. Then apply the hair mask generously with a wide tooth comb. Allow it to saturate the hair strands for around 10-15 minutes. Take this time to let your mind clear and relax your thoughts. Once finished, make sure to rinse thoroughly. If you find your hair feels oily afterwards, follow up your mask treatment with our shampoo bar. Once your hair is dry, brush your locks with a Boar Bristle Brush. For tips on how to finish up, check out this is a great video on how to use the brush for best results.
Woman with citrus slices floating around her face

Gua Sha Facial Treatment to the Rescue

Face Massage rocks
If you’re ready for more, why not try your own facial treatment?

Our Zen Facial Cream can be combined with a gua sha treatment to provide mega-nutrition and support a healthy, youthful glow. Gua Shua is a technique used to massage, sculpt and de-puff the face.

Inflammation, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles can be attributed to stagnant lymphatic fluid. When you have proper circulation and lymph flow to your face, you can keep a youthful radiance at any age.

It’s important to use an oil or cream with a facial Gua Shua tool, like the one pictured here, so that it easily glides over the skin.

To begin, start by using our Feng Shea Facial Scrub. Apply a coin-sized amount and gently work in a circular motion over the face, then rinse with warm water. Then apply the Zen Facial Cream over your face and neck.

Next, take a smooth-stoned Gua Shua face tool and use long strokes from the center of your face outwards to your lymph nodes (near the ears, chin and neck). Moving outwards and down towards the neck in long strokes helps to detoxify the lymph system and promote the release of toxins.

After several minutes of using the tool, rinse your face. Be sure to wash your Gua Shua tool as well and leave it to dry. You will now have a glowing face that has just detoxified and soaked up nutrition from the zen facial cream, sure to brighten any room!

Sea Salt Body Scrub and Massage

While a Gua Shua tool can do wonders for the lymph nodes in our face, we shouldn’t end our self care there. Our lymphatic system is key to making sure nutrients get to the right places. It also ensures proper detoxification of the toxins that need to leave the body.

Unlike the heart, the lymph does not have a pump. Therefore it is up to us to keep it moving. One way to do this is through skin brushing or massaging. Using the scalp massager tool and Sea Salt Scrub, you can achieve a detoxifying lymph massage at home.

Using a generous amount of salt scrub, apply all over your body. You can utilize a washcloth to gently exfoliate the outer layer of the skin.

For a deeper lymph cleansing, use the scalp massager with Sea Salt Scrub in a circular motion starting from your feet and working up towards the heart.

When you reach your stomach, massage in a clockwise direction. For your arms, start from your hands and work upwards.

This will slough off dead skin cells while providing a lymph massage to your entire body.

After you have covered each area (legs, buttocks, stomach, chest and arms), rinse thoroughly.

Some of the benefits achieved with this massage are:

  • Improves immune system
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Glowing skin
  • Speeds up healing
  • Reduces bloating and water retention
  • Lessens cellulite and fat deposits
After this treatment, make sure you drink plenty of clean water to hydrate and help the body detoxify.

Exercise & Nutrition for Physical and Mental Fulfillment.

Remember: gifting yourself exercise is an act of self love. While spa treatments can help us feel beautiful on the outside, we must do more. We all know that feeling after a great workout – how great the mind and body feel – so it’s important to make time for this act of self-care as well.

If you need help getting started, try a session of Tai Chi, yoga, bouncing on a mini trampoline (rebounding) or a hike out in nature. Each of these practices can activate the body, stimulate the lymph and balance the mind.

Salad in a bowl
Make a Nourishing Meal

When you’re the one preparing your food, you have the power to make it the best possible fuel for your body. You can choose top quality ingredients and ensure hearty nutrients are readily available and are locally sourced from your farmers market or your favorite local shop.

Choose to create a meal that nourishes your body soul and watch your life blossom.

Get Some Rest

Finally, choose to get plenty of sleep. Although often overlooked and sacrificed in favor of other activities, getting quality sleep each night is paramount if we want to feel our best.

Tips for a great night’s rest include:

  • Drink a calming tea a few hours before bed. Try chamomile or rose hip tea.
  • Consider meditating before bed to calm your mind and let it empty of thoughts.
  • Eliminate blue light exposure from screens an hour before sleep.
  • Utilize stretching to release tension in the hips and back can be a great prep before deep sleep.
  • Be sure your sleep environment is free of light from and sound.
Salad in a bowl
Reducing the amount of light and electronic disturbances will allow your body to obtain a deeper rest so melatonin can fully release allowing you to wake up refreshed. Otherwise, the eyes which are stimulated by the light makes you more prone to waking up throughout the night resulting in grogginess and fatigue the next day.

We appreciate your presence and ask that you remember: doing both mental and physical self care practices provides the ultimate self care routine.

Self love is the key component that can make our lives more fulfilling. It allows us to give from an overflowing well spring inside, making the world a better place. Choose these practices and live from a place of abiding joy rather than from exhaustion and lack.

What is your favorite self care practice? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!