5 Elements Shampoo Set


5 Elements Shampoo Package includes all five Morrocco Method Shampoos. These shampoos work best when functioning as a collective whole and are meant to be rotated each time you shampoo. Each shampoo is based on a specific element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether) and each provides your hair and scalp with a different kind of necessary nutrient.

Get this package to save on all five MM shampoos. These natural shampoos are raw and filled with the most pure, hand-picked ingredients, making them great for all hair types.

All MM Shampoos are raw, vegan, wild-crafted, gluten-free and non-foaming.


Perfect shampooing requires washing twice. The first wash loosens dust, dead skin cells, and excess oils from the hair and scalp while flushing most of it from your hair. The second wash allows the ingredients of the shampoo to reach the scalp, and to nourish the hair using a longer scalp massage.

Dilute: Our shampoos are super concentrated. Dilute the shampoos 1:1 with water for easier application.

First Wash: Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage lightly to hair and scalp. It won't lather. Rinse.

Second Wash: Apply shampoo again, massage longer to stimulate blood flow to scalp and hair. Rinse again. Follow with Morrocco Method conditioners, if necessary, for added hydration/oil reduction.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful clean products

Love their shampoos

All of their shampoos are SO gentle. Love them!

Erin D.
The only shampoo I use

It’s hard to find truely sulfate free shampoo. Lots of brands say SLS free but they mean only one type of sulfate. Morrocco Method doesn’t use any chemicals at all , ever. This package gives you five different shampoos to rotate. Since I discovered Five Elements Shampoo I will never use any other shampoo ( unless it’s Morrocco Method brand!) My hair has never looked better. Morrocco Method has excellent customer service. I trust them completely. Their webpage is packed with information. The price might seem a bit expensive but the shampoos are diluted and actually last a long time. Totally worth it!

My hair loves these

I first tried MM in 2020, due to my hair being ruined by Deva Curl. I lost a lot of my curl and I had large bald patches and hair loss. I was looking for all natural hair products to recuperate my poor curls. I only tried one shampoo and conditioner in 2020, over the year my hair was renewed! I had a lot of growth, my hair was shiny, soft, full, and like it had never suffered the damage it did. For some reason I chose to try different products, but I did notice a different after a few weeks. My hair wasn't so full, I didn't have so much rapid growth anymore. I switched back a few months ago, it was almost instant. From the first wash, I already felt a difference. This time I went all in. I got all shampoos, conditioners, elixirs, and my hair is just loving it. Lovely, soft, shiny curls are back. I can't wait for the growth to become noticeable soon, I know it will!

My Favorite Shampoo!

I've been using the 5 elements shampoos for years and I love them! I'm sensitive to harsh chemicals, so this is the ideal product for me. It keeps my hair healthy and shiny.