Five Shampoo Sample Pack


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The Five Shampoo Starter Kit includes samples of each Morrocco Method Shampoo and a free copy of Anthony Morrocco's E-book. This package is a great way to learn about MM products and sample all five shampoos, as well as the perfect gift for friends who are curious. For best results, we suggest rotating all five shampoos.

All MM Shampoos are raw, vegan, wild-crafted, gluten-free and non-foaming.


1. Why Do I Need To Shampoo Twice?
2. Since There Isn't Any Foam, How Do I Get The Shampoo Through My Hair?
3. I Have Some Allergies, How Can I Be Sure MM Is Safe For Me?
4. How Much Shampoo/Conditioner Do I Need To Wash My Hair?

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