Hand & Surface Sanitizer Gel 2oz


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Combat germs and stay healthy year-round. Lovingly made from us to you with a singular positive message: "We are all in this together.”


Ethanol, Aqua (water), Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide

Contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol, more than the CDC recommended amount of 60%.


Apply and cover all surfaces of the hands and wrist. Rub hands until dry.  Contains 2oz of sanitizer.

Customer Reviews

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Monqiue D. (North Attleboro, US)
Love the new spring bar & all of MM products

I actually recorded a video for this. Not sure how to submit yet. I tried the new spring bar. I have been growing out sassy silvers for 8 years and my hair is very vata, wirey and dry. This spring bar, along with the cornsilk conditioner bar, helped make my curls soft! I also use the shampoo bars to wash my body. The spring var makes my skin so soft as well.
I also got more zen detox as I have been using the elixirs for spring as well. Detoxing once on the week off from the elixir has reset my scalp. It's not dry or oily, it just feels balanced. I cannot say enough good things about Morrocco Method products. It does take some getting used to, but works and above all, Is healthy, being 100% synthetic chemical free.
To complete what I got in this order, was their hand sanitizer. It's my favorite and the bottle is small enough to carry around for when I'm out and about. It's a great alternative for when having to use a public restroom and you don't want the smells or chemicals on your hands from whatever sopas they have.