Travel Set, 5 Shampoos


Starter Travel Set of 5 Shampoos includes starter/ travel sizes of all 5 of Morrocco Method shampoos in our brand new zippered linen bags with a peach skin lining, perfect to pop into your carry-on luggage or give as a gift. This package is perfect for new customers looking to try out the shampoos, as well as those who travel often.

For best results, we suggest rotating all five shampoos.

All MM Shampoos are raw, vegan, wild-crafted, gluten-free and non-foaming.


1. Why Do I Need To Shampoo Twice?
2. Since There Isn't Any Foam, How Do I Get The Shampoo Through My Hair?
3. I Have Some Allergies, How Can I Be Sure MM Is Safe For Me?
4. How Much Shampoo/Conditioner Do I Need To Wash My Hair?
5. How Often Should I Rotate The Shampoos?
6. I’m New To Morrocco Method, Where Do I Start?
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Customer Reviews

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Great Travel Set

I really appreciate that Morrocco Method has created these products. I originally got this travel set to try all the shampoos. I cycled through all of them a few yrs ago for a few years. I found the Apple Cider Vinegar was drying to my (medium dry with slight wave and light curl type) hair and the Earth Essence was too oily for it. The other three I cycle through now all the time along with use the two mists and the Floating Lotus conditioner. I can see this would work well on other types of hair though. LOVE Morrocco Method products! I really recommend getting this as a starter package to see how they all work.

A great travel set!

This is great for travel or as a fun way to introduce friends to the wonderful Morocco Method hair care that I like so much!


The best

Susan P.
Beautiful travel set

I sooo appreciate taking the small size on my travels. The 5 different shampoos are great to reset my hair and bring beautiful growth!!

Ricky S.
Have three sets of the travel shampoos and conditioners.

Excellent way to rotate the different formulations and comes in a handy zipper carrying case.