Do you have questions about Morrocco Method Shampoos? Sometimes the low/no-foam chemical-free formula can take some getting used to. So let us provide you with three important tips & tricks for shampooing with Morrocco Method Shampoos.


1.Shampoo Twice

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At first glance, the recommendation by the shampoo industry that we shampoo our hair twice each session sounds like a gimmick to sell more shampoo. However, there is value in this recommendation. A perfect shampooing is achieved in two parts. The first shampooing cleanses hair and scalp of dirt, dead cells and dust, which would otherwise be massaged back into the hair, scalp, and follicle openings if only shampooed once. This clogging debris could slow new hair growth and compromise the oil glands, upsetting the natural fall-out and reproductive cycles of your hair.

The second shampooing and massage nourishes your scalp by stimulating the flow of blood to the scalp and widening the hair follicles, allowing the blood vessels to feed each root and bulb nourishing the entire follicle and activating the sebaceous glands. This sets the proper distribution of your own natural oils to the entire scalp and hair shafts in motion. A natural coating of oil is vital to the maintenance of a healthy scalp and hair. It keeps the outer layer of hair lubricated and prevents drying.


2. Dilute the Shampoo

Diluting shampoo demonstration

Morrocco Method Shampoos are highly concentrated and it is much easier to spread the shampoo over your scalp and hair if you dilute it in a smaller bottle with 50% shampoo and 50% high quality filtered water. As you progress in your natural hair journey, you'll be able to use less shampoo. Only add the water right before you plan to use the shampoos as we do not use any synthetic preservatives. Water may invite mold growth, especially in a humid environment, like a shower. Apply the mixture directly onto your scalp. If you have very thick or curly hair separate the hair with your fingers so that the shampoo goes straight onto your scalp. This way your scalp is able to absorb the raw nutrients from the shampoos. Plus, it’s the perfect time for a scalp massage. Our scalp massager and invigorator is a great way to ensure shampoo is massaged into the scalp, and that it's rinsed thoroughly out of your hair.


3. Rotate All 5 Shampoos

Each of our shampoos has its very own healing properties as well as its own pH level. We have five shampoos that each represent an element that constitutes the essence of every living being. These elements are earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Our shampoos work best as a collective whole and are meant to be rotated each time you shampoo to get the maximum benefit from the Morrocco Method system.