At Morrocco Method, we take pride in the fact that our products are wildcrafted. For a company that values ethical and sustainable production, it was a natural choice. But what makes a product wildcrafted? What does it mean when you purchase Morrocco Method or other wildcrafted products?


Wildcrafted products are essentially products made from plants or plant parts that have been harvested from their natural environment. This means that they grew without human intervention as part of an uncultivated existing ecosystem. The harvesting of these plants is done with great care so as not to harm the natural habitat of the plant, and whenever possible, the plant itself. If it is necessary to harvest the entire plant, a seed or seeds are left in its place. Ideally however, only the necessary plant part is taken and the plant is left to grow.


Leaves and berries in wicker basket


Wildcrafting is regulated by the Organic Food Production Act of 1990. It is done by harvesters who provide a plan for ethical and sustainable harvest. These individuals are also required to provide a three-year history of the area to be harvested, proving that no prohibited substances—including pesticides—have been used there.


The aim of wildcrafting is to make products from plant life that has been harvested in a way that is both ethical and sustainable. By harvesting a plant or plant part from its natural habitat, complex and often fragile ecosystems are respected. Endangered and at-risk plants are left to grow, and the products we love can be produced without damage to the environment.

That’s an idea worth cultivating!