Nicole is part of the Social Media Team at Morrocco Method. After trying the products for six months, she wanted to share her journey: Transitioning to Natural Hair.

I big chopped in 2008, after growing out my chemically relaxed ends for nearly two years. Transitioning to natural hair can be hard when you don’t have a lot of information available or supportive friends or family, but going natural is worth it.
damaged hair before first big chop
Before I learned about Morrocco Method, I was stuck in a loop of products, trying to find what would work with my multi-textured hair. I would try one line of products until they ran out only to purchase a completely different line–jumping from product to product on a never ending search for something that really worked.

Eventually, I gave up on each company I tried, always promising to make my hair manageable but always falling short.

I wasn’t part of the online natural hair movement, I was out on my own, and in my search I did discover ways to get my hair manageable. I started paying attention to ingredients and stopped abusing my hair with heat and chemicals, but it never looked quite how I wanted it to look. Finding products that work without chemicals is a big part of transitioning to natural hair.

After second big chop of hair
When I started to use Morrocco Method, my hair began to change, it started to do some very interesting things. My Multi-textured hair began acting differently–finally! I had become used to my different hair textures, but with Morrocco Method, my looser coils and wavier strands became thicker, and the coily, kinky strands became longer. Using Morrocco Method shampoos, conditioners and styling products brought out a whole new side of my hair! My hair has transformed, from chronically dry looking hair, to full, shiny, moisturized locks. Now, with Morrocco Method, I’ve already had to cut my hair three times this year- it just keeps growing and I can’t keep up with it!

MM Elixirs are what really made the final difference in my hair. Over the summer, I embarked on a healthy scalp routine with MM products, and astonishingly enough, my hair grew about five inches in those couple of months–not even including the three times I trimmed! By the end of the summer, I was shocked to find that some of my kinkier textures had loosened at the root and my texture was beginning to become more uniform.

Natural curly healthy hair
When starting the elixirs I really just wanted my scalp to be healthy but I had the added bonus of amazing growth and an overall texture boost.

These products have given me the hair I always wanted and knew I had. Today, I am five inches longer than I was when Summer first started.

I’m planning on letting my hair grow longer, as I find it much easier to handle now that I’m washing with shampoos and conditioners that are actually good for my hair and scalp. My hair always feels nourished, conditioned and more than anything…strong.