Apple cider vinegar shampoo samples
If you take a good look at any supermarket shampoo, then you may find a litany of food dyes or something similar at the end of the ingredient list. You see, that milky white color that is so prevalent in shampoos is actually a result of processed food coloring.

Why Is My Shampoo Brown?

This question is often asked by people who are trying out Morrocco Method shampoos for the first time. For those used to the whites, blues and pinks of popular hair care products, then the brown coloration of our shampoos may come as a surprise. This coloration is primarily attributed to the earthen clays, Kaolin and Montmorillonite, present in all our shampoos. And unlike many other hair care companies, we choose not to mask our shampoo’s coloration with unnatural or processed dyes.

So Will This Turn My Hair Brown?

Absolutely not! The clay in our shampoos do not contain any dyeing properties. In fact, the clays are detoxifying agents, meaning they will naturally brighten and enhance your hair’s natural color.

That’s a Relief. Anything Else I Should Know?

Red apple sliced
Similar to our refusal to use any dyes, we also abstain from using any processed perfumes or fragrances in our products. What you smell when you open up a Morrocco Method shampoo is 100% natural ingredients–apples, algae and other botanicals, all mixed together to create a wonderful hair smoothie. It’s only by chance that they came out smelling as good as they do!

The Question You May Want to Start Asking is Why Aren’t Other Shampoos Brown as Well?