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We’ve all been told at some point or another that we should limit the amount of heat that we apply to our hair. Heat thins hair, causes frizz and overtime results in premature hair fall. Problem is: heat is hard to quit when it makes things so much easier. But easier is not always the right choice for our hair. Here are a couple ways we can style hair without causing heat damage:

1. Squeeze dry your hair, don’t rub it.

Most people step out from the shower, grab the towel and immediately begin rubbing their hair. Here’s our first tip: don’t! When you rub your hair, you create frizz, add static and damage your hair. Instead, use a towel to gently squeeze the water from your hair. This will keep your hair cuticles smooth. It may take more time, but your hair will thank you.
Pure Boar Bristle Brush

2. Brush with a boar bristle brush.

Boar hair is very similar to human hair. This makes it perfect for brushing, because it carries the sebum oil from your scalp and evenly distributes it throughout the rest of your hair. By using a boar bristle brush, not only will you reduce oil buildup at the base of your scalp, but the rest of your hair will become more conditioned. You’ll be enjoying reduced frizz and an added soft, healthy shine. It will also add volume to your hair, giving you a blow-dried look without the heat.

For more instructions on how to use a boar bristle brush, check out this video.

3. Brush in different directions each time.

When you brush your hair in the same direction everyday, your hair gets used to it and begins to settle. Your part becomes more pronounced and your hair becomes flat. Instead, alternate the direction you brush over your hair’s part to add volume without heat. To make things easier, we have this helpful video to show you how:

4. Makes curls with buns, flexi rods and even socks!

There are a ton of no-heat methods for turning straight hair into beautiful curls. The easiest way is to twist dry hair into a bun and leave it that way for a couple hours (freshly washed hair will hold curls better than unwashed hair). There are also a couple tools you can use, including flexi rods and even socks!
Blood of the dragon styling gel

5. Use Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel.

Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel can be used on either wet or dry hair. Apply a dab to your strands, twist and hold, then release for no-heat curls. It also works great for taming frizz or smoothing pesky flyaway strands. If your style starts to lose definition, simply wet your hands and then shape and re-texture your hair.

What methods have you used to style your hair without heat? Let us know in the comments.