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Detox. It’s a noun, it’s a verb, it’s a fad word, it’s a vital piece of health. In my journey toward a holistic lifestyle, I’ve incorporated numerous detox rituals such as dry brushing and even detoxing my kitchen of toxic cooking materials.

Another area in my life where I emphasize detox is my scalp. When I first switched to Morrocco Method I was introduced to the Detox Period. My scalp rebelled with increased oil production and a slightly sticky texture as my scalp began to balance.

Zen detox hair and scalp therapy
I reached for Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Therapy, a mineral clay designed to draw impurities from the scalp. The results left me stunned! My scalp was deeply purified and my roots had more volume than I’ve ever experienced.

Zen Detox is a unique blend of volcanic ash, plant proteins and minerals that mix with water and apply to your scalp. It’s like a mud mask for the scalp – as it dries it draws out impurities, and balances the pH of the scalp.

Here are my 5 tips for using this unique product:

  1. The first time you try it, don’t use it before an important outing. The product works effectively to loosen “gunk” from your hair. The first time I used it, it looked like dandruff but was just dry skin that had been cleared from my scalp. It’s an extremely deep and rejuvenating scalp detox. After the second time using the product, I not longer experienced this purging.
  2. Zen Detox provides fabulous volume – I love how extra voluminous my hair is the few days after I use it.
  3. I greatly prefer Zen Detox over plain bentonite clay for a hair detox. I find bentonite clay dries out my hair too much, while Zen Detox leaves it soft and vibrant.
  4. I highly recommend doing the final rinse of Zen Detox with cool water. It makes a huge difference in the shine and softness of my hair post-detox.
  5. For maintenance, use Zen Detox once a month. For deep detox and speeding up the detox period, use it once to 4 times per week for a few weeks. (One container has 3-4 uses).
Here also are some amazing multi-uses for Zen Detox. Did you know that it can be used as an acne spot treatment and pore-refining facial masque?