Golden Crystal Elixir

Morrocco Method Golden Crystal Elixir is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, and is perfect to help balance a dry or flaky scalp.


Our favorite ingredient: Sesame seed oil - Derived from sesame seeds, it's one of the oldest oils used by mankind. Sesame oil can be used to combat premature grays due to its hair-darkening qualities, and can treat scalp conditions like dandruff by being both deeply moisturizing and antibacterial to keep dryness, fungal, and bacterial infections at bay.


Directions for use

On its own: Start with a scalp massage using your fingertips or our Scalp Massager and Invigorator. After your massage, dispense 2-3 pumps of Golden Crystal Elixir onto your fingertips and apply to hairline and thinning areas 2-4 hours before you plan to shampoo.

For a more intense treatment, apply 1-3 hours before bedtime. In the morning, brush your hair with a natural boar bristle brush and wash or style as usual.

Use elixir daily for one week, and then let your scalp rest the following week. Your rest week is the perfect time to do a Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Masque treatment.

Repeat the schedule of one week on/one week off until the elixir is gone.


In conjunction with other elixirs: Follow the same steps as above, switching to the next elixir you are using following your rest week. Continue rotating elixirs during your "on" weeks until the elixirs are gone.

Golden Crystal Elixir goes well with:
Silver Grapeseed Elixir
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In conjunction with the lunar hair chart: Best used in the spring and summer following the "beautify" goal. 

Normally, you only need a couple drops of elixir at a time, but in this case, use a cotton ball to apply the elixir generously to your scalp right before you are about to do or receive your lunar haircut—this much elixir should only be used with the Lunar Cut.

The elixir needs to be in your hair for at least 24 hours, so do not shampoo after your haircut. Let it settle in overnight. If you have the luxury of allowing your hair to remain oily, try keeping it in for 48 hours for the ultimate growth boost!

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