Eostre woman with basket
Transformation, growth, renewal–yes, spring, that wonderfully green season, is just around the corner. Flowers bloom; animals awaken from their wintry sleep. But while we’re lazily stretching our limbs, we must also remember that spring is a pivotal time to act. Now is the time to enliven and awaken our energy, celebrating our physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Spring Equinox

In accordance with the lunar hair chart,
the Spring Equinox will fall on the 20th and 21st of this month. These dates are lengthening dates, meaning there is no better time than this year’s Spring Equinox for those wanting to naturally lengthen their hair.

So What Do I Do?

Cut your hair! As always, we recommend cutting your own hair using the blunt snip method. Salon cutting methods that shear, strip, or layer will often weaken your hair, causing breakage or damage later.

Also, like mindful farmers preparing for the growing season, we too must ensure that the soil is clean before we lay down new seed. I am referring to your scalp. Spring is the most important time for detoxification of mind, body, and spirit. You’re on your own for mind and spirit, but for your body I recommend using Zen Detox, which is formulated to cleanse buildup and reverse any chemical damage caused by synthetic products.

Anything Else?

Detoxing can be a very personal process, which makes it difficult to give you a straight answer as to how you should go about doing it. Many like to start by simply scheduling some alone time. Situate yourself in a stress-free environment where you’re able to really listen to your body’s needs. Do so and you’ll feel alive, powerful, and ready for whatever comes your way in the new year.