*This article was originally posted in 2013. All of the information is accurate with regard to the importance of the Summer Solstice, and how to cut hair. Dates have been changed to reflect the goals for 2017.

Want to make your hair a Midsummer’s Night dream? Then cut it on the longest day of the year, according to the Lunar Hair Chart!

Lunar Hair Chart Circles Summer Solstice

The Lunar Hair Chart promotes the Summer Solstice 2017 (June 20th) as a rare and powerful cutting date for Thicken. Also, long-haired women are encouraged to cut seasonally with the Solstice/Equinox. Some of you have been waiting since the Spring Equinox for this cut!

What should I do?

Cut your hair using the blunt snip cut. Here’s the How-To videos for your convenience: Fine Hair, Average Hair, and Thick Hair.

After your haircut, use our Earth Essence Shampoo and Floating Lotus Conditioner, all available in the Morrocco Method Thicken package. This will optimize your thickening regiment and activate new growth cycles in your bulbs and hair follicles.

Schedule your next cut!

The next seasonal cut will be the Fall Equinox, which falls on September 22-23 and during a Strengthening cycle. If you need a trim between now and then, check the Lunar Hair Chart for dates of your preferred goal of Lengthen, Thicken, Strengthen, Root Work, or Beautifying.

There’s more good news for those whose goal is to work on their root work! Mark your calendar for the Winter Solstice this year on December 23-24. These days pose a very rare and powerful event, because not only is there a solstice, but close to a full moon! The stars and moon are surely aligning for the best hair imaginable this year!