Want to make your hair a midsummer night's dream? Then cut it on the longest day of the year, in accordance with the Lunar Hair Chart!

Summer Solstice: Longest Day, Lasting Results

On the Lunar Hair Chart, the 2023 Summer Solstice (June 19th-21st) reveals powerful cutting dates for lengthening. Long-haired individuals are encouraged to cut seasonally with the Solstices/Equinoxes. Some of you have been waiting since the Spring Equinox for this cut!


So What Do I Do?

Cut your hair! As always, we recommend cutting your own hair using the blunt snip method. Salon cutting methods that shear, strip, or layer will often weaken your hair, causing breakage or damage later. The blunt snip cut protects the hair strands from damage in addition to stimulating new growth. It achieves this because it is the most straightforward way of cutting the hair, minimizing thinning, fraying or damaging the hair and allows for the best results with all different types of hair.

We recommend at least 1/4th of an inch to 1/2 of an inch, but up to a full inch if it's been a long time since your last trim. 

The proper tools are essential. Our Blunt Snip Hair Cutting Kit comes with the Lunar Chart calendar and a link to a 10-part video series. It goes through how to cut your hair and the benefits of sustainable hair cutting. 

Simple Blunt Snip Cut Tips

  • Cut while your hair is wet.
  • Section your hair instead of trying to cut it all at once.
  • If you are having a hairdresser cut your hair, avoid chatter during this time. This will avoid any distractions so they can focus and not make a potentially avoidable mistake.
  • If you are cutting your hair yourself, allow it to also be an opportunity to manifest your hair goals.
  • Think of your hair like a masterpiece; it takes time to lay and preserve a strong foundation. 


Check out our How-To Videos to cut: Fine Hair, Average Hair, and Thick Hair.


After your haircut, use our Pine Shale Shampoo and Diamond Crystal Mist leave-in conditioner, both available in the Morrocco Method Lengthen Package. This package works directly with your roots to shock the growth cycle and will optimize your lengthening regimen.


Schedule your next cut!

The next seasonal cut will be the Fall Equinox (Sept 23-24) and during a Root Work cycle–a great opportunity to get back to basics and start at the roots. The 2023 dates fall (no pun intended) during a very rare and powerful event, because not only is there an equinox, but it’s also close to a thickening full moon! The stars and moon are surely aligning for the best hair imaginable to close out this year!

If you need a trim between now and then, check the Lunar Hair Chart for dates of your preferred goal of Lengthen, Thicken, Strengthen, Root Work, or Beautifying.

There’s more good news for those of you whose goal is to work on thickening your hair! Mark your calendar for the Winter Solstice (Dec 18-19) dates to take advantage of the thickening benefit during the powerful solstice event.

Curious why some of the dates don’t quite match up? Check out this blog post for answers!