I’ve always had pretty healthy hair and for most of my life, I’ve stayed away from artificial heat (blow-dryers, chemical treatments, etc;). In recent years, I began using sulfate and Paraben free shampoos and strictly used Moroccan Oil brand in Israel. I was pretty happy with it, but washing my hair took FOREVER as it was always dry at the ends and became a large knot by the time I got around to washing it (about twice a week). I was frustrated that at a certain length, I kept getting split ends which always require me to cut my hair and I never seemed to be able to get past that length to reach my desired goal. Also, I could never get my hair to stay shiny without using some kind of product every day (argan oil) Here is my hair before MM Henna, Boar Bristle Brush & Shampoo:

Emunah Before

You can see it has some shine but large dry patches and doesn’t look so smooth/silky.

Emunah Before MM

And this is the length I never seemed to be able to go beyond.

Upon moving to the States, I had quite a journey trying to find a natural shampoo. Moroccan Oil exists in the US, but their formula is different and had a bunch of junk in it that was drying out my hair. My hair HATED it and for a long time, I just stopped shampooing all together until I could find something acceptable.

I stumbled upon MM and the standards for ingredients were EXACTLY what I was searching for. I found MM when I was looking for a high-quality Henna, hoping to improve the quality of my hair so I didn’t have to cut it again. Boy did it ever work!! I used Light Brown Henna, to stay close to my color but bring out the natural red I have in my hair. Then, I found MM’s shampoo sample kit and boar bristle & Nylon brush and my hair life were totally changed! I finally reached my desired length without even trying and my hair is so healthy and shiny – no more giant knots!!

Here is after MM Light Brown Henna, Shampoo & Boar Bristle Nylon Brush:

Emunah hair after henna shampoo and boar bristle brush

My hair is shiny, voluminous, no dry patches and I don’t even have to wash it so often.
This pic was taken several months ago.

Its been at least month since I’ve washed my hair last (it’s a busy time in life), but I keep brushing it out with the Nylon & boar bristle brush and putting a little euro oil on the ends every week or so and it looks awesome! The MM shampoo has made my scalp so healthy – it no longer over or under produces oil – it actually produces what my hair needs to give it a healthy shine!

Thanks for making a product that actually nourishes my hair! My scalp thanks you ;-)