Hi! I have been using the Morrocco Method for several years now and I wanted to share my results after using the products and the lunar hair cutting charts. When I first started the Morrocco Method it was a few months after I had a minor disaster with my hair. You see, I had gone on a rather extreme diet that messed up my hormones and caused half of it to fall out. Luckily I have more hair than God should ever give any one person, so once it quit falling out and I was able to stop panicking, a 50% loss wasn’t too terrible. I was actually able to experience what it felt like to have a head of hair that was easier to manage and didn’t break every hair tie I bought after one or two uses.

Before and after on her long hair

I’ve included two pictures, and the before was the hardest to find. I believe I had bra strap length hair in the before picture, though it doesn’t look that long because of the braid. You can see that there are many short pieces sticking out of the braid, and it gets abruptly thinner instead of more gradually because I did not cut my hair off immediately match the regrowth. The goal was to grow my hair out very long, and rather than lose at least eight inches all at once I chose to use the lunar hair charts to help it grow faster and thicker, while gradually trimming the longer length to match the shorter. Today my hair is all one length and it reaches to about mid-thigh.

Products used most often:
All of the Five Elements Shampoos
Pearl Essence Creme Conditioner
Euro Oil
Sapphire Volumizer Mist