Extra, Extra! Stop the presses! I have some fantastic news!

October 4th started out a typical work day for me. Richard, who works with me in shipping and receiving, brought in one of my favorite meals for breakfast. As I was enjoying my steak tartare, I was thinking about which new chew toy I would polish off for dessert when the phone rang. Richard kept raising his eyebrows and nodding. None of this was exceptional except that I knew there was something special about that ring and about the way Richard was smiling at me.

I spent the morning trying to get information and loves out of Richard. I hung around his feet, under and on them. To give him a further hint that I wanted attention, I put my head down against his legs and nudged him with my shoulder. When that didn’t work after several minutes, I went back to my bed and brought Richard my toys, one by one. He threw my tug-of-war toy a few times but he mostly worked on the packaging—as if he had his priorities straight. Yeah, right.

Then Angelique came in and started scratching me on My Spot. But when I looked at her dreamily while waving one leg in the air, I saw some wetness in her eyes and was tempted to lick them. I wondered if this was a happy or sad sign in humans. Probably both, I figured.

Anyway, I wasn’t prepared for what happened right after lunch (which was a fresh butcher’s bone). This couple walked in. New employees I figured. I thought I’d better introduce myself right away, so that their priorities wouldn’t get warped. I went right up to them wagging my tail. The man bent down to pet me and I gave him kisses. “Oh my goodness, Rosie looks just like our Sully!’ they exclaimed.

Sully and Rosie
They could see I didn’t know what a Sully was. So they went out to their car and brought “the Sully” in: Sully looked just me! He was a Pit Bull, exactly my size and with my tuxedo coloring—all black but white under the neck and white on his paws. “Sully” was his name and it must mean “twin”!

We didn’t even have to ask each other. Instantly we zoomed off playing together in the large warehouse, running, jumping, chasing, scuffling, trying to nip each other’s ears. Perfect! I was hoping it would never end.

And guess what? It didn’t!

The couple, Marty and Jody, had come to Morrocco Method because they were looking for a companion for Sully—had been looking for several years! —and they loved my photo when they saw it. (Well face it, I AM pretty cute…). And they took me home!

At first, I followed Marty around like a shadow, lying across his feet whenever possible. But very soon I learned to love my new digs.

Sully and rosie playing
Now I have a real home and a real family! I have a nice big house and a huge yard where Sully and I play all day long. I have a doggie door (which I’m still a little afraid of) so I can go in or out at any time I want. We all four sleep in the same room where now I have a bed. One happy family.

My favorite activities are playing all day with Sully and following him around, sunning myself on the back deck, playing fetch, going for walks on a leash, snacking on my chew toys, and wiggling when I get excited, like if I see deer or squirrels.

I’m getting used to visitors coming in and out, including their 4-year-old grandson, who plays fetch with me, and other family members. Best of all, because they consider me super-good in the car, we are all four of us going to go camping up north soon!

I’m growing so used to my great new home! While I miss Richard and all the people at Morrocco Method and will be forever grateful to them for fostering me when I was down and out, I have truly now found my fantasy, forever home.

Note from Angelique: October is national Adopt-a-Dog Month. It worked for Rosie, and now you can see all the joy it has brought her! So if you have room in your house and your heart, please consider following Marty and Jody’s example.