I was suffering from alopecia, dandruff, and excessively oily scalp and hair which were all causing a lot of hair loss. My hair and scalp would become oily on the same day I washed it and my scalp started to get progressively more visible from the hair loss. I tried several different shampoos and treatments( natural and not so natural) with little to no results. That’s when I stumbled upon The Morrocco Method website.

Before and after

The first thing that attracted me were the ingredients. I ordered the Hair & Scalp Health Recovery Package because I read that all the products work together for best results and the package comes with one of everything you need to start. I decided to take a picture of my hair on the first day the products came because I wanted to have good before and after photos. At first I was a little confused with the shampoos not bubbling up, but even though there were no suds it was still cleaning my hair very well, and a little went a long way( all the products are super concentrated so you really get your moneys worth).

My hair went through a detox period for about 10 days as the shampoos were stripping the harmful silicone from my hair. But within a couple of weeks my hair loss began to subside and my hair and scalp were no longer oily and the dandruff was gone! I made sure to rotate all the shampoos and conditioners as instructed and my hair continued to thrive and became very full and shiny and smelled great. My friends and family even noticed the difference and they started using Morrocco Method too( all of them experienced the same great results I did). Because the products were so effective I decided to add the Elixirs to my regimen.

I started with the beginners series and worked my way up to the advanced series. Just like the shampoos and conditioners, the elixirs are super concentrated and a little went a really long way. My hair started growing faster than it ever has in my life and I even noticed I had lesser grey hairs than before. The website is very educational and helped a lot in showing me how to transition from chemical hair care to raw/natural hair care. I started using the lunar calendar from the website to schedule my hair cuts and my barber was stunned every time she saw me(which was a lot more frequently because of the faster hair growth) After close to 3 months the thin areas where my scalp was visible had filled in and my hair was super shiny with no oily/itchy scalp or dandruff. My hair now looks like it did when I was a teenager(I’m 36 now).

before and after on top of his head

There is nothing on the market that comes close to Morrocco Method, trust me I’ve looked. You can’t find RAW hair care products ANYWHERE. I will never let any products that aren’t from Morrocco Method touch my hair ever. All of the products also work great on the rest of the body. The shampoos make amazing body washes and work great for the face (so do the conditioners and elixirs). I have very oily acne prone skin and Morrocco Method totally cleared up my acne and balanced the oil production. Thank you so much Morrocco Method for giving me amazing hair and skin.