Leanne sitting at her desk in her office
As the customer service representative for Morrocco Method International, Leanne is well-suited to the culture of the company. “Morrocco Method embraces a low stress, noncorporate mentality with no hardcore deadlines, and a family-like environment,” she says, smiling. “Add to this a beautiful, natural décor, very noncorporate and super-homey, and this is different from many of the other companies and corporations I’ve worked for.”

Leanne spends much of her days at MM answering calls and emails from customers who need help with their particular problems. “I try to troubleshoot their problems and from there recommend the right products. If someone is detoxing, they will need different products and methods to help them than clients who are not detoxing.”

She also manages MM’s wholesale accounts and keeps in touch with MM’s blog affiliates, scheduling promotions. But Leanne really likes talking to customers on the phone, customers from all over the U.S. and internationally as well. “I interact with lots of colorful people, so a lot of them I even get to know. There’s no call center here, so there’s a 50-50 chance they’ll get me.”

When asked what she likes best about working for MM, Leanne has a lot to say. “I like my coworkers and as I mentioned the family-like atmosphere. I like that I don’t have to take the job home at night which allows for a great work and personal life balance: No boss will be texting you while you’re out to dinner.” Leanne likes the fact that the breaks are pretty flexible. She says that one can take the 10-minute breaks anytime and also choose between a 30 or 60-minute lunch. “And the dress code is very casual,” she beams. “Morrocco Method fits my lifestyle!”