Daliah Browne is a natural, holistic cosmetologist in the West Midlands, UK, who owes her son’s health transformation to a healthy lifestyle, organic and gluten-free diet, and 100% natural products, like Morrocco Method, that she and her family use every day on their bodies.

Her story began when her son, Keziah, was diagnosed with Autism. Every mother wants their children to be healthy, so, Daliah did what every mother would do: seek help. Unfortunately, most of the doctors she found were offering the same approach: treating symptoms over treating the root cause of her son’s ailment.

She then came across literature and people who had changed their life, got rid of disease and took reins of their health by following a healthy, holistic lifestyle that connected them back to nature; who fed their bodies what they really crave and who had only used products that would help their biology instead of destroying it.

Daliah had nothing else to lose, so, she gave this new lifestyle a try. She incorporated a gluten-free diet chock-full of organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats and healthy fats. The next step was to find the right products to be used on her family’s bodies. Her son had previously complained about how commercial products caused him discomfort, so, she started a quest to look for alternatives that included only 100% natural products, making sure that there were no chemicals in them, no sulfates, fragrances or artificial colors.

Daliahs son Keziah
Doing this last adjustment to her lifestyle wasn’t easy. She tried looking everywhere for a brand, like Morrocco Method, that didn’t include any chemicals but was unsuccessful. Some products even claimed to be organic or all-natural, but when she read the labels she kept getting disappointed. She even considered creating her own line of truly natural shampoos and conditioners but everyone she wanted to work with ended up adding some type of chemicals to their final product, even if there were certified organic ingredients included.

This, however, didn’t stop Daliah. She kept her hopes high knowing she was going to find the right products for her son and her family. She scoured the internet and finally found Morrocco Method. She was convinced our products were going to be the ones she had been looking for.

Some months after the change in lifestyle and using our products, Daliah noticed something in her son: he didn’t complain anymore about the hair care products being of discomfort to him, and, he even enjoyed styling his hair with our Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel and scalp massaging! Daliah mentions, “Being diagnosed with severe autism, he finds it difficult to do most things. Since I bought the Scalp Massager, he’s massaging his own hair and scalp. And after using the Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel there are no flakes or sticky residue, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable.”

Keziah using scalp massager
Daliah is currently on a journey to help people with Autism change their life, just like she changed her son’s life, through changes in diet, lifestyle and products like Morrocco Method. She does this by regularly traveling across the United Kingdom speaking in front of audiences who have someone in their life that was diagnosed with Autism. She is currently a Morrocco Method Wholesale Program Member (www.kndsorganics.org) making our products available to the 60,000 people diagnosed with Autism in her area, and to anyone else who wants to detox and change their life without using any harsh chemicals in and on their body.