My journey to finding a hair care routine that makes my thin, fine, wavy-curly hair happy, healthy, and voluminous has not been an easy road. In fact, it has been frustrating, stressful, and filled with moments of gut-wrenching insecurity.

Before Using Morrocco Method
To give a little background, my hair has always been fine, but all throughout my teenage years, my hair was full, long, bouncy, and beautiful. I didn’t use excessive straightening methods on my hair, and on the contrary, I have always worked with my hair’s natural wavy texture. However, I abused my hair in other ways: heavily chemically-infused shampoos and styling products were part of my daily beauty routine, and I considered hair spray to be my BEST FRIEND. Pretty soon, my hair became “dependent” on these methods, and my natural “just-out-of-the-shower” locks appeared dry, weighed down, and lifeless. The chronic use of products made with hair-stripping chemicals created a vicious cycle which set the stage for severe breakage. My wavy curls were losing their natural beauty and shape, which then prompted my usage of heat-based curling wands. Before long, I was applying direct heat of the wand to every strand of hair on my head, and then, of course, holding it in place with a cloud of hairspray. For a while I was at least achieving a nice look, but I failed to consider the damaging effects of my efforts.

Things took an extremely frightening turn, when, at the age of 23, I noticed significant hair loss, particularly along the part of my hair, which seemed to be widening, revealing more and more of my scalp every day (as shown in the before picture all the way to the left). Even my sister pointed it out to me, stating that I should try to cover it up by applying dark eye shadow to my scalp. I attributed the hair loss mainly to stress and hormonal imbalances that surfaced in my 20’s as well. I’m an extremely young professional with a highly-demanding job in the medical field so it is very difficult to control my stress levels.

After 6 months of using morrocco method
I knew my hair needed a change. So I switched to what I thought was a “natural” shampoo, and I hoped this would compensate for my overuse of heat and styling products. I also added an oral hair vitamin complex to my daily regimen and started parting my hair “to the side,” which I had never done before, to cover the balding areas in the middle of my scalp (as shown in the before photo on the right). Yet my hair still appeared dry, damaged, and flat, and my curls ill-defined.

I knew what I had to do. I had to completely cut out heat from my routine. I literally google-searched “how to wean hair off heat styling tools.” I came across no-poo method bloggers (which scared me to death), and then, miraculously, I found a blogger who professed her undying love for Morrocco Method products. After years of being completely obsessed with my hair, I could not believe I had never heard of their products before. I spent a full month researching, looking at their website, reading testimonials, and reading reviews from various bloggers. I hoped this was the answer my hair needed!

I started using Morrocco Method products in August of 2016, and it is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I wish I knew about their product line years ago before the cycle of hair abuse began! My hair is full, bouncy, soft, and shiny. And even though I like my hair parted on the side and that is way I mainly wear it these days, as you can see in the after photo, the hair along the line of the middle part of my scalp has grown back significantly! My favorite products are the shampoos (Apple Cider Vinegar, Earth Essence, and Sea Essence are my favorites), and the sapphire volumizer mist leave-in conditioner (which is now the ONLY styling “product” I use after showering). In both “after” pictures, I simply used an MM shampoo and the sapphire volumizer leave-in conditioner to style while my hair air dried. No more chemicals, no more hairspray, and no more heat! I can not believe the results. Thank you Morrocco Method for bringing my hair back to life!


Christina Simpson