Step 1: Tap Into the Elements

The Morrocco Method shampoos encompass the 5 Ayurvedic Elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, & Earth. Our shampoos are free of the chemical compounds that create a lathering effect, and as such, our shampoos are non-foaming. Our shampoos are also free from synthetic fragrance, but that does not mean they have no scent to them. The warm, earthy scent you encounter using Morrocco Method products is from the essential oils and herbs used to craft the product.

Rotate shampoos each time you wash your hair. The shampoo bar can be added to the rotation or stand in for its Earth counterpart. If you’re conditioning your hair, alternate which you are using.


  • Dilute your shampoo/conditioner at a ratio of 1:1 product to water, one shampooing session at a time. Our highly concentrated formulas are meant to be diluted. For people with short or fine hair, mixing in your hands is easy and effective. For longer and thicker hair, we recommend mixing in a separate container (such as an applicator bottle used in hair dye kits, or a spray bottle with adjustable nozzle) so you can apply the mix directly to your roots and spritz over the rest of your hair.
  • Double down. The perfect wash means washing twice! The 1st wash is to remove debris & buildup. The second is to nourish and restore your scalp. This is the perfect time to use the scalp massager to promote blood and airflow into the sebaceous glands.

Step 2: Brushing and Scalp Stimulation

Did you know most people brush their hair all wrong? The typical process of starting from front-to-back or side brushing isn’t effective. The best way to brush your hair is inverted and using a boar-bristle brush to distribute your scalp’s natural oil into the rest of your hair. bend at the waist (keep those knees soft) and brush from the nape of your neck forward. The highest concentration of sebaceous glands are located at the nape. Always brush straight forward even on the sides, this prevents hair breakage. When you flip your hair back over you can brush front to back to smooth your hair into place. We recommend inverted brushing for 1-3 minutes before straightening and brushing front-to-back for another 1-3 minutes, and repeating this cycle 1-2 times. For the best results, do this multiple times per day

Scalp stimulation is one of the most important aspects of hair regrowth. Our scalp massager is made of natural rubber and is gentle enough not to damage hair while firm enough to provide a deep massage. You can use the massager on wet or dry hair, and we recommend using it in the morning, midday, and at night before bed to stimulate blood flow into the area that helps to repair your hair follicles. The shower is a great time to use the massager to give your scalp a deep cleaning.


  • It’s not just your scalp that likes stimulation! You can use our massager on any part of your body to encourage blood flow and circulation and wake up your body naturally. Increased blood flow to the skin is linked with healing and thermoregulation.


Step 3: Detox

Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better; as your hair and scalp acclimate to life without synthetic products, you may experience a detox period where any toxins, contaminants, or cleaners left over on your hair and scalp are purged by your body. To ease your detox process—use the Zen Detox mask.

Add some of our highly concentrated powder to a glass bowl and mix in distilled water slowly with a wooden spoon until the mixture is spreadable, but not so thin that it drips. Start with slightly damp hair and apply to your scalp directly and then smooth over your hair. Leave the masque on for 20-60 minutes. If you’re going for longer periods of time, cover your head to keep the masque from completely drying. This can be done weekly while in detox, and then monthly or quarterly depending on your preference and hair goals.


  • Never use metal utensils or containers as they can diminish the potency of the formula.
  • Don’t shampoo immediately after, or to get the masque out, soak your scalp and rinse with cool to lukewarm water. The Zen Detox can be used in place of shampooing on the day you use it.
  • Listen to your body - scalp detox can be intense. We recommend starting with 15-20 minutes and working your way up to 45-60 minutes. Detox can produce several symptoms, including mild headaches, a "pulling" feeling, and light-headedness. While these are not harmful, if you experience too much discomfort, rinse out immediately and next time try reducing your time or using less clay.
  • While you’re detoxing, use our Euro Oil on hair or skin that feels too dry.
  • After care: Detoxing taxes the body, so we suggest replenishing electrolytes and minerals by drinking coconut water and eating dark leafy greens, blue-green algae, spirulina, or similar foods. Drink plenty of water or herbal teas, and get some rest.

Step 4: Now You’re Stylin’!

When you’re going all natural, that means staying away from synthetic styling products. Morrocco Method has you covered. Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel provides light-medium hold, but if your style needs something stronger, the 24/7 Styling Dragon Pomade offers medium-strong hold for hair that stays in place all day without looking stiff. If you’ve got curls, our Curl Power therapy is the ultimate treat for cleaning and conditioning your natural curls. Finally, curl definition without the risk of breakage or chemical damage!


Step 5: Lunar Hair Care & Cutting

Similarly to how humans have followed the moon’s cycles to determine when to plant and harvest crops for centuries, the Lunar Hair Chart coordinates the moon cycle, equinoxes and solstices, the Farmer's Almanac, Western Astrology, and the Mayan Calendar to show you the best times to cut your hair based on your specific hair goals. This is called Lunar Hair Care.

The Lunar Hair Care & Cutting chart harnesses the power of the moon to give you the best results for your hair goals. On the dates that align with your hair goals, you’ll want to incorporate our blunt-snip cut method for micro trims as small as 1/8th of an inch (3.175mm). These micro trims seal the ends of your hair, protecting it from breakage and splitting.

Lunar Hair Chart

Cutting your own hair is easy. Click below to check out our tips and video tutorial on how to blunt snip cut your own hair – and you can always ask a friend to help! What’s most important is that you’re using the blunt-snip method as other types of cutting can thin and fray the ends of your hair, leading to further damage and keeping it from growing.


  • Our Diamond Crystal Mist is excellent to use for dampening the hair and conditioning the strands as you snip.