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Diamond Crystal Mist is a leave-in conditioner and moisturizer that is excellent and beneficial for all hair types. This spray hair conditioner contains highly energized liquid crystals from the Himalayan Mountains of India, natural herbs and rare oils that soothe your hair, leaving the hair feeling soft and healthy immediately after use.

This mist lightly moisturizes all hair types, but also helps heal split ends and tames frizz. The grape seed extract in this mist has a beneficial thickening effect, creating volume in dull lifeless hair. It helps restore damaged hair that has been synthetically colored, permed, or overexposed to environmental hazards.

All of our natural conditioners are raw, vegan, paleo, sulfate free, and gluten free.



Before spraying the Diamond Crystal Mist, shake the bottle to allow the crystals to separate out and re-emulsify. Simply spray onto wet or dry hair and leave in throughout the day (or overnight to stimulate the scalp) to condition and rejuvenate your hair and scalp. When styling, you should spray, style with a comb or brush, and spray again to help set your hair.

Diamond Crystal Mist is formulated to:

  • Soothe hair with natural herbs and oils, leaving the hair softer and healthier after use.
  • Provide light hydration to condition hair without weighing it down.
  • Protect hair against environmental damages, such as heat, humidity and dryness.
  • Doubles as a refreshing body or facial spray for glowing skin.


  • Use as an antibacterial aftershave spray.
  • Great to use as a facial spritz to wake you up in the morning.
  • All-Natural body deodorizer.
  • Sets makeup.

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