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The Morocco Method helps repair damaged hair and thicken thinning hair from the roots up.


Favorite brand!!

I love the ingredients in these products and appreciate their craftsmanship. I have very thick and curly hair and have ventured out looking for plant based products, but nothing has been comparable to the raw and stimulating ingredients found in Morocco method. I always come back to these shampoos and am now convinced there is nothing better.

I’m am happy to start using these products on my babies and can’t wait to see the difference it makes on their hair and skin (as eczema and cradle cap have always been an issue). If you want to take the time to really care for yourself and body, I 10/10 Recommend.

Mariana | 09/13/21

Awesome service! Awesome product!

Thank you Morocco Method for making such a wonderful product. My hair looks and feels beautiful. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.

Joann | 09/28/21

Consistently reliable

I’ve been using light henna as a highlight with medium henna for years and find the products consistently high quality and reliable. Thanks

APW | 09/09/21

My go-to shampoo for luxurious ethnic hair!

I only use MM shampoos. I was hesitant at first because they don't lather but my hair is amazingly soft and my hair has grown like it has never before in my life. I highly recommend these shampoos for ethnic hair!

Miranda | 08/04/21

Earthy Goodness

I use this wonderful shampoo for several purposes. For one, my hair loves it! Also, it works great to spot treat blemishes and also as a face mask! I am never disappointed by these super concentrated. nutrient rich formulations.

Robyn C. | 09/08/21

Henna Success

I have been using henna for many years ~ however, I had the experience of my hair becoming darker and darker until is was black (from mahogany red). I learned this can be an affect of using henna over time with indigo. The wonderful thing about Morrocco Henna is that the indigo is in its own little bag and so I have control over how much I use. I LOVE this. It is the only brand I have found that offers this option and it is what has made the difference for me in getting the color right. I also love the page of instructions and the suggestion to use spices to disguise the smell of the henna. It works!!! Thank you MM

Áine A. | 07/28/21