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Curl Power is specially formulated to define, elongate and increase the hang-time of your curls. This product is a rich and hydrating treat for naturally curly hair as it helps to reduce breakage while strengthening and adding shine to each strand. Using the amino acid L-arginine (derived from the pumpkin seed), Morrocco Method has created a curl-defining product with no risk of irritation or chemical damage


  • Define, elongate and increase the hang-time of curls.
  • Reduce breakage while strengthening and adding shine to each strand.
  • Provide rich hydration and protect hair with natural ingredient shea butter.
  • Cleanse hair with the amino acid L-arginine (derived from pumpkin seed).



Apply to clean, dry hair, beginning at back of head and finishing at hairline. Leave treatment in for up to 2 hours. Rinse out with shampoo and conditioner. Repeat as necessary.

Customer Reviews

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Bought for my grand daughter

This made a great gift for my grand daughter. She has very curly hair and usually wears her hair up as its soooo curly. After reading all the reviews about it, I thought she would like it. I asked if she'd like to try it and she said she would. Off it went to her. I haven't heard the results yet but will update when I do. It was nice to find a very clean product to send her though. It's hard to find these days.

Amy F.
Textured Hair Loves Curl Power

Curl Power is the bomb! I have fine, oily-prone, wavy hair that is likely to frizz. My biracial daughters have really curly, dry-prone, coarse hair. This product works for all of us! It does take some trial and error to figure out how it works best for you. I have found for me that mixing about a quarter size amount with distilled water in a small spray bottle (8-10oz) works well to define my waves and take away frizz. I wash my hair, then scrunch in Blood of Dragon (quarter size amount) through damp hair. Once my hair is almost completely air dried, I lightly brush or comb through with my Morrocco Method mixed boar bristle brush and spray and scrunch the Curl Power water mixture as needed to define my waves, lock in my style, and knock out frizz. The end result is soft waves that look like I used a curling wand. I don’t require a touch up until after the next morning’s brushing and just spraying plain distilled water lightly through my hair, while scrunching, revives the Curl Power product and gives me my defined waves back.
For my daughters, I work a small amount (about a quarter size or two) of pure Curl Power into their dry, next day hair. I then wet their hair down (more than damp) with plain water (spray mister bottle). I then comb through and the curls come alive.

Best thing EVER!!

Wow! My curls hold a long time and are curlier. It also makes my hair look thicker which is perfect since it's thinning. NEVER DISCONTINUE THIS! Plus it's all natural...big bonus!! ❤️❤️❤️

Gina M.
Older Hispanic curly hair

I do this twice a week and it makes such a huge difference!

Robyn C.
I was very excited when

I was very excited when I received this in the mail. My hair is short right now and I am trying to get rid of my blonde which has looked nice but fried my luscious locks, I have been using MM exclusively for almost a month now. I've used MM in the past but couldn't stay away from traditional hair color so I resorted to some of my old stand bys from the beauty supply. Big mistake!!!!! I just ended up making the quality of my hair worse. I've done 2 zen detox hair masks and one curl magic mask to infuse some moisture. When you open it make sure that you give it a nice stir to smooth it out. I applied this with an old hair color brush from scalp to ends and then mushed it all in. Then, I covered my head with a plastic cap and let it marinate for a couple of hours. When I washed it out I did notice a difference in the body, the moisture and springiness of my curls. I am a 3 c curl type. If your hair ends up feeling too heavy or waxy then it might be wise to wait till the detox period for your hair is over. I am definitely still going through mine and will probably use this as a once a month treatment. I would buy another tub of this for future applications. Another genius formulation by Anthony! Thank you Anthony!!!!!